X-Dance Review: Drop: My Life Downhill (Skate)

Posted January 16, 2012 in

Drop: My Life Downhill
Marc McCrudden
X-Dance Screening: Saturday, Jan. 14 @ 3:30pm

Drop: My Life Downhill takes a look at what is the newest and fastest growing action sport today in competitive downhill skateboarding. Directed by Marc McCrudden, Drop is a commentary on the beginning of the sport with the father of downhill, Chris Chaput, who began downhill skateboarding with the invention of the urethane wheel in 1974, and continues to show where the sport is today with athletes like Scott Smith and Kevin Reimer, who will likely be considered the next generation of downhill pioneers in years to come. Each year, competitors from around the world meet at different locations determined by Gravity Sports to compete for the world championship. Drop documents the highest level of competition to date for the sport at last year’s championship held in MaryHill, Washington. Aside from being one of the newest and fastest growing action sports, downhill skateboarding is also one of the most competitive, with records being broken and the boundaries being pushed each year since the competition began in 2002. Drop: My life Down Hill documents a unique branch of action sports that we will all begin to see a lot more of from here on out. –Westin Porter