X-Dance Review: Gauchos Del Mar

Posted November 12, 2012 in

Gauchos Del Mar: Surfing the American Pacific
Gauchos Del Mar Productions
X-Dance Film Festival

Gauchos Del Mar: Surfing the American Pacific is a subtitled film involving two Argentine brothers who travel the coast of their native continent to just surf. The brothers find themselves on an eclectic 13-month long sojourn working odd jobs to fund their trip, traveling through unique, small villages, seeing inspiring sights, and tasting indigenous cuisines. Being a low budget film gives this movie a humble character that makes you appreciate grassroots production. The surfing was simple, the filming was simple, but the passion and energy from the boys prevailed throughout the entire screening. At one point, Julian Azulay splits from his brother Joaquin and notices how incredibly lonely it can be going at it alone, regardless of his love for the waves. Eventually the brothers reunite to keep living for the surf. The subtitled narration categorizes this film in a genre of its own, but is still able to be thoroughly enjoyed.