X-Dance Review: Ready To Fly

Posted November 9, 2012 in

Ready To Fly
Salt Mine Storyworks Production
X-Dance Film Festival

Kicking off the 13th Annual X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival was the full-length ski jumping feature, Ready to Fly. The film follows world champion Lindsey Vonn and her US teammates through their controversial journey to get women’s ski jumping accepted as an official Olympic sport. Starting back before the 2009 Vancouver Winter Games, the Women’s Ski Jump Team rallied against the International Olympic Committee in an official lawsuit that argued their disadvantage to compete as gender inequality. According to key supporters of women’s ski jumping, like journalist Anna Bloom and former Salt Lake City Mayor Deedee Corradini, the IOC had no legitimate reason for not letting the females compete. One interviewee compared the ladies’ ski jump plight as a modern day “women’s suffrage.” Disregarding female athletes in officiated Olympic sports is apparently more common than not for the IOC. Women’s boxing recently had their debut as an official sport this last year at the Summer Games in London. The fight was long, but after years of asking for admittance into the Games, IOC President Jacques Rogge announced in April 2011 that Women’s Ski Jumping would be a competing event at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Throughout the film, Lindsey and her teammates endure the raw, up and down emotions that come when fighting for a cause that will not only change ski jumping for females, but will also change the way competitive sports are accepted for women.