X-Dance Review: Resonance

Posted November 9, 2012 in

Absinthe Films
X-Dance Film Festival

Illy riders, awesome tricks and killer locations all wrapped into one is Absinthe’s latest film release, Resonance. Spanning its entire filmmaking history of 13 films in 13 years, Absinthe has been respected as one of the premier snowboarding cinema companies, known for showcasing the best riders from around the world. Resonance only adds to that reputation. With riders like Danny Kass, Bode Merrill, Nicolas Mueller and Scotty Lago, to name a few (the list goes on), these video parts grasp the best of what each professional can do. Cale Zima is seen airing a 50/50 down a C-shaped 100 yard hand rail, and popping over the most awkwardly placed garbage cans. Blair Habenicht rides intense, big-mountain chutes while setting off slides that could kill him, but still manages to find natural features to throw front and backside spins. Danny Kass is always impressive with his clean method grabs, and Scotty Lago jibs and slides about every pine tree in the West. The narrating music for each part suits the rider featured, and as a spectator, watching these boys only makes you want to forget your life and ride. I think Absinthe accomplished much more than what they set out to do––getting you off your ass to shred some snow. Enjoy with pride and ride.