X-Dance Review: Rewarded

Posted November 9, 2012 in

Andre Paskowski
X-Dance Film Festival

The power of wind has been used to sail ships, produce electricity, dry hair, and now it is being utilized to surf. The roots of wind surfing came from riders wanting to hit bigger ocean waves before the advent of the Jet Ski. It has now morphed into a creative way to move across water and develop incredible moves that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. This film follows one young surfer, Gollito Estredo, on his rise from pure poverty to world champion. His poetic movements display incredible athleticism as he lifts off above the waters of his native Venezuela. Creating a life for him and his family through the sport, Estredo reaches the pinnacle of windsurfing by being crowned world champion four times in the last eight years. He also remains active in his local community and inspires the youth of his country to continue progressing. Estredo also ventures to the shores of Spain and finds out what the winds of the Mediterranean can produce. Watching him maneuver the sail in effortless nose butters and flat spins is amazing. It takes on an almost ballet-like quality as he moves with his board in perfect harmony. Sadly, Estredo could not make it to his first X-Dance due to an ongoing battle with cancer. Hopefully he will make a recovery and be back for future festivals with renewed purpose and vigor.

REWARDED Trailer from Andre Paskowski on Vimeo.