X-Dance Review: Shaun Palmer: The Miserable Champion (Snowboard)

Posted January 16, 2012 in

Shaun Palmer: The Miserable Champion
Chainsaw Productions
X-Dance Screening: Saturday, Jan. 14 @ 10pm

Probably the most highly anticipated film of X-Dance 2012, The Miserable Champion takes a very gritty, very raw inside look at the life of one of actions sports founding fathers, Shaun Palmer. Directed by lifelong friend of Palmer, Brad Holmes, the rollercoaster-ride story of Shaun’s life begins with his conception, which took place in the back of a ’49 Plymouth; the rest of Palmer’s life follows suit in a similarly unconventional and rad way. Palmer abandoned skiing at age 12 and built his own snowboard, he taught himself to ride and soon earned the nickname “Mini-Shred.” Palmer dropped out of school three years later to pursue a professional snowboarding career. Twenty years later, Palmer earned the title “World’s Greatest Athlete” by USA Today after winning nine gold medals in four different action sports. The never-before-seen Brad Holmes production delivered a powerful punch to a captivated audience of Palmer fans. This awesomely orchestrated picture shows Palmer as what he describes as his unadulterated “real” self; Head in toilet, spraying champagne atop a winner’s box, and head down focused to the finish line, The Miserable Champion is as real as it gets. –Westin Porter