X-Dance Review: Strength In Numbers

Posted November 9, 2012 in

Strength In Numbers
Anthill Productions
X-Dance Film Festival

Following mountain biking over the past several years has revealed that this is the most exciting sport to watch. Two wheels and huge balls keep these guys rolling through nearly everything Mother Nature throws at them. Down Hill racing has become a multi-national event where competitors race the clock through precipitous terrain where each turn requires the utmost skill to negotiate. Thorough coverage of the 2012 race season shows just what these riders have to endure to be the world’s best. Moving from DH to Freeride, athletes like Thomas Vanderham and Graham Agassiz try their luck at staying rubber-side down while moving across impressively steep terrain. Picture big mountain skiing on a bike. The truly insane maneuver 45-pound bikes over the landscapes of Southern Utah and fly sky high off hips and berms. Next is the exciting progression of dirt jumping. This discipline requires riders to hit intricately crafted earthen jumps and execute everything from 360’s to back flips. The town of Aptos, California has allowed a sort of park to be built over the years, and it has produced professional talent like the McCaul brothers. Gravity defying movements grab the viewer as these guys make it look easy. Check out this movie if you like good music and overall awesomeness.