X-Dance Review: Tempting Fear

Posted November 12, 2012 in

Tempting Fear
Switchback Entertainment
X-Dance Film Festival

For extreme Swedish skier Andreas Frannson, finding the most intense and dangerous slopes to ride is the only way to ski. In his short film, Tempting Fear, Fransson narrates and journals his intense and deeply personal connection between his soul and the sport of extreme skiing. Growing up in a ski family, revolving his entire life around touring the world for the most impossible conditions to ski is what gives him purpose in existence. You see him ice climb ascents in places like Chamonix, Peru, Argentina and Alaska just to get the deepest vertical and most treacherous line. Fransson continually comments throughout the film on the thrill he receives form conquering the “fear that can rest in the mind.” He also uses anti-fear mantras to get over the scary feeling that settles on him as he reflects on a good friend that was killed in an avalanche at Chamonix, and his own near-death experience when he fell ice picking and broke his neck. Fransson is a spiritual character who uses his Christian background and extreme skiing talent to shape his life into a profound magical experience that encourages the triumph had when one can “overcome.”