X-Dance Review: The Freedom Chair (Ski)

Posted January 15, 2012 in

The Freedom Chair
Switchback Entertainment
X-Dance Screening: Friday, Jan. 13 @ 8:30pm

This short film chronicles the inspiring story of Josh Dueck, a young and well respected freeskiing coach who endured a bad accident in 2004, losing forever the use of his legs. Back on the slopes within a year by means of physical therapy and a sit-ski, Dueck went on to compete and win silver in the 2010 Winter Paralympics. Not content with merely reaching the pinnacle of racing, Dueck dreamed of getting back to the big-mountain terrain that he used to ride. The footage includes this guy tearing it up off of cliffs, through heavy powder, keeping pace with legend Mike Douglas and making the rest of us look amateur by comparison—all from a sitting position. This film is definitely worth checking out, if only just to remind yourself to get your ass out there and ski while you can! –Rio Connelly