X-Dance Review: The Kyrgyzstan Project

Posted November 12, 2012 in

The Kyrgyzstan Project
Matt Segal
X-Dance Film Festival

Five rock climbers: two dead, one kidnapped, and the rest ready to internalize the ebb and flow that comes with living for the climb. The Kyrgyzstan Project is a short film about Colorado climbers Eric Decaria, John Dickey and Matt Segal who travel to the Ak Su Valley in central Asia for a thrilling ascent up the 5.12 granite “Russian Tower” after major events that happened in their lives––the loss of two mentors and friends who were killed in a slide while climbing, and the kidnapping of Matt Segal while in Kyrgyzstan the first time trying to climb the same ascent. The three climbers throughout the film express their love for the sport and why they are driven to find rock faces that put them in danger, but give them a sense of unity and power. Matt, having been kidnapped by war soldiers in the same Ak Su Valley, exploits his fear of returning to the country and what it was like to experience extreme fear in another kind of way. Each of the three climbers personally narrate the film by candidly talking about their journey in Asia, their feelings of the sport, and the emotional success that comes when you’ve ascended to the top.

The Kyrgyzstan Project Teaser from Jim Aikman on Vimeo.