X-Dance Review: Walls of Perception

Posted January 15, 2012 in

Walls of Perception
Poor Boyz Productions
X-Dance Screening: Friday, Jan. 13 @ 2:30pm
Known for making cutting-edge ski films, Poor Boyz Productions teamed up with the Oxbow surf team to make this genre-hopping surf film. Shot on location in tropical paradises like Micronesia, Tahiti and Hawaii, Walls of Perception features so many kinds of surfing that the lines betweeen them begin to blur. The athletes in these segments are riding longboards, stand-up paddle boards, wind-surfing, kite-surfing and more familiar short boards all alongside each other. The tricks are impressive and the overview of the community from established greats like Levi Siver to extremely young talent like Kai Lenny is comprehensive. For someone who doesn’t know a ton about surfing like me, this film is an impressive overview. –Rio Connelly