X-Dance Review: We: A Collection of Individuals

Posted November 9, 2012 in

We: A Collection of Individuals
Poor Boys Productions
X-Dance Film Festival

This installment from PBP highlights the belief that skiing with your buddies is always better than flying solo. The segments range from tall-tee clad urban sliders to big-mountain badassery. Bobby Brown and Dane Tudor throw down and get airborne in an opening scene that delivers a wallop. Firing up the heli in AK, the group drops in on some exposed lines with style and speed. Taking on the mountains is always a team effort and the product of that undertaking reveals itself in a well-crafted ski flick aimed at amping up the masses. Other points of interest include some cleverly designed urban sections where the riders boost everything from church and barn roofs to triple kink rails and wall rides. Sammy Carlson finds out that friends get you back on the hill after a season-ending injury. Being spurred on by his fellow riders, Carlson recovers from an MCL tear and kills it on every feature. Keep an eye out for some waterfall skiing and Colorado-ing during the film, and remember to thank your amigos for bringing you here.