X-Dance Review: Winter (Ski)

Posted January 15, 2012 in

The Ski Channel
X-Dance Screening: Saturday, Jan. 14 @ 4:30pm

Seeing Winter in a festival context, it’s easy to tell that it was made for TV. This genre-spanning feature-length documentary from the Ski Channel features athletes from many fields all relating their personal experiences and commenting on the formation of modern skiing. Being told in chapters and edited with an eye towards commercial breaks doesn’t really hurt the film, but the pace did feel unusual compared to many other films. There’s footage from over 100 locations around the world and a lot of archival footage covering some of the history of our sport including The 10th Mountain Division through the Royal Canadian Airforce and into modern legends like Rory Bushfield and Sarah Burke. There were also many segments that didn’t relate to skiing really, but were still great, including base-jumping, climbing and other sports, all in kind of a survey context. Expertly shot and equally inspiring, this film is worth checking out for anybody who likes action sports. –Rio Connelly