X-Dance Review: Zombie Skate Park Bloodbath (Skate)

Posted January 13, 2012 in

Zombie Skate Park Bloodbath
Don’t Sleep Productions
X-Dance Screening: Thursday, Jan. 12 @ 1pm

This short skate film feels like watching an episode of The Walking Dead guest starring the Creature skate team––on fast-forward. Zombie Skate Park Bloodbath is set in a quaint local skate park in the Canadian woods. At first glance, the park seems like any other, dudes in flannel shirts and backward hats shredding it up; and then come the zombies. With blackened skin, reddened eyes and drooling mouths, these zombies stalk into the skate park and advance upon the boarders. Their first victim has his heart snatched out of his chest while standing; the others die a similarly brutal and hilarious death. This short film was the winner of a local horror-film festival in Canada, and with good reason. Nine minutes of oozing blood by the gallons, guts, brains, puke, some hilariously witty dialogue and a broadsword-shaped skateboard fight scene make this short skate film one of a kind and definitely one worth checking out. As the guy from Reading Rainbow says, “Don’t take my word for it.” watch Zombie Skate Park Bloodbath in its entirety here,http://youtu.be/Q2f4ChspEC0. –Westin Porter