Zombie Girl – Review

Posted January 14, 2009 in

Zombie Girl: The Movie
Slamdance Film Festival
Directors: Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshall, Erik Mauck

Most adults would shake their heads and roll their eyes after hearing a kid mutter, “I like wanna make movies when I grow up.� In the case of Austin, Texas’ Emily Hagins, she’s already converted the non-believers…at the age of 12. Zombie Girl: The Movie shadows Emily on her two-year journey as she writes, casts, shoots, and directs her first feature-length zombie horror film, Pathogen. Produced with a miniscule budget, the true spirit of independent cinema surfaces with costume hunts at local thrift stores and boom mics taped to painting extension poles. While the unprecedented filmmaking bit is the initial draw, the genuine story comes from the relationship between Emily and her mother, Megan, and the unconditional love one has for their aspiring child. Willing to push herself beyond the limits to ensure Emily’s happiness, Megan assists with anything and everything she can and that includes creating a prosthetic head for decapitations. June Cleaver ain’t got shit on this woman! It’s both beautiful and heartbreaking to watch as Megan foresees her daughter’s independence and is reluctant to let go. Not only have directors Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshall, and Erik Mauck successfully captured the true essence of childhood innocence and family bonding, but they have also documented the undeniable passion of a rising artist. -Jimmy Martin

Slamdance Film Festival: Screening Times

- January 16, 2009 - 8:30pm - Treasure Mountain Inn
- January 19, 2009 - 5:30pm - Treasure Mountain Inn