Review: Spy



Director: Paul Feig
20th Century Fox
In Theaters: 06.05

You can never judge a book by its cover, and you can never judge a movie by its trailer. Those are words to live by, especially in the case of this next coupling of Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig. Every time the pair has been together, they have been an unstoppable force of hilarity. First Bridesmaids, then The Heat and now Spy. As the voice of navigation and information inside the ear of CIA super spy Bradley Fine (Jude Law), Susan Cooper (McCarthy) lives a menial life of doubt and regret, but when her partner is gunned down, it’s time for Susan to take a step into the spotlight and let her true colors shine. McCarthy is one of the funniest actresses working to date, and Feig knows how to let her glow with multiple improvisational scenes. Feig does suffer from Judd Apatow syndrome and lets the running time get away from him, though. The film clocks in at 120 minutes and definitely needs to be in the 90-minute region, and there are a handful of moments where the cast is trying much too hard to be funny when it’s entirely unnecessary. With that said, Feig uses his R-rating to the fullest extent and lets McCarthy off the chain with lines of dialogue that would make sailors blush. Along with the laughs, the fight sequences are nothing to ignore, and McCarthy excels at those as well. To add the cherry on top, Jason Statham delivers his best role to date as a caricature version of every action role he’s ever performed and comes across as the biggest idiot on the screen. It’s brilliant. –Jimmy Martin