Chocolate/Girl Films Pretty Sweet Review

Posted November 30, 2012 in ,

Pretty Sweet
Girl/ Chocolate Films
Released: 11.27

The time has come, and Pretty Sweet is here! The highly anticipated skate film from director Spike Jones and the Girl /Chocolate Films delivers once again. With the production value that you would expect out of Girl, Pretty Sweet will go down along with the likes of Mouse, Yeah Right and Fully Flared as just another installment in a series of historical skate videos, or at this point, Hollywood standard films. From the aggressive parts of Vincent Alvarez, young guns Elijah Berle and Raven Tershy to the legendary technicality of Guy Mariano, Gino Iannucci and Kenny Anderson, Pretty Sweet delivers on all levels. The flip-in, flip-out overhaul that seems to be a Girl staple may give you Teflon brain by the end, but luckily it is intertwined with things like Jack Black losing streaking bets and montages of everyone skating in some Wall Street certified monkey suits. Horter parts and old man jokes aside, there was a sense of respect given to the veterans Koston, Carroll, Brian Anderson and Ianucci who have been in the game forever and are still killing it. Jerone Wilson came out swinging, throwing down twice the part he had in Yeah Right and sharing it with the buttery manual mastery of Brandon Biebel. Marc Johnson also graces the film with a one-song part showing everyone what absolute bliss looks like on a skateboard. The video closed out with credits that have enough cameo appearances to make any skateboard nerd drool in his seat.

The crowd was hyped at BC Skate and Surf’s showing of the film this past Wednesday, held at the U. The night wrapped up with a good old-fashioned product toss in the tight theatre space which then led to some entertaining brawling for decks, wheels and shirts. Big thanks to everyone involved for putting on the show and the product toss. Head to your local shop and pick up Pretty Sweet and watch it for years to come.