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Still from Danland

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Slamdance Film Festival
Director: Alexandra Berger

“I’m in love with the concept of being in love,” says amateur porn producer Dan Leal, aka Porno Dan, in the beginning of this documentary following his unrelenting search for love amid porn conventions and gangbangs. But for co-dependent sex addict Porno Dan, love is hard to come by when sex with hundreds of women is business as usual. We watch the tragically earnest Dan face break-up after break-up as he falls in love with porn stars and ex-lovers while trying to build his business. “He’s like a lost little boy,” says porn producer Brittany Andrews, often the object of Dan’s affections. [SPOILER ALERT!] In the end, it seems as though Porno Dan has finally found love—ex-porn star Kira Silver and Dan agreed to wed in a last-minute ceremony in Las Vegas. But as Dan says his vows, we see the “oh shit” look in his eyes, and the day after their wedding Dan films his new bride doing a girl-on-girl scene in their hotel room. Danland gives us a sympathetic look into the human side of an oft-dehumanizing industry, a world where award-winning porn producers read Romance For Dummies. 3 of 5 stars.

Still from Danland