Fear No Film: And the Winner Is…

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Transmormon – 2014 Utah Short Film of the Year

Over the weekend, audiences and jury members screened a wide variety of films from all over the world. As this year’s Fear No Film theme was all about exploring and redefining our own boundaries, each film presented a unique perspective on that concept. The idea of creating a film festival that both promotes independent filmmakers while encouraging audiences to rethink the way that they look at the world around them has become a staple of the Utah Arts Festival. Though it must have been a difficult process, the audience and jury selected their favorites. Here is a list of this year’s prizewinners.

2014 Fear No Film – Grand Jury Best of Show – TAG, France

2014 Fear No Film – Grand Jury Honorable Mention – The Russian Machine, Spain

2014 Fear No Film – Grand Jury Honorable Mention – Virtuoso Virtual, Germany

2014 Fear No Film – Grand Jury Honorable Mention – VOICE OVER, Spain

2014 Utah Short Film of the Year – Transmormon

2014 Fear No Film – Fear No Filmmaker Award – A Perfect Day, Turkey

Audience Award Applauding YOUR BOUNDARIES – Passages, China

Audience Award Applauding THE WAY YOU SEE OTHERS – Almost Magic, Utah

Audience Award Applauding RELATIONSHIPS – Four Frames, France

Audience Award Applauding SOCIETAL BOUNDARIES – Drops of Smoke, Brazil

Audience Award Applauding HISTORICAL BOUNDARIES – Your Cocoon and You, Utah

Audience Award Applauding ARTISTIC BOUNDARIES – Virtuoso Virtual, Germany

Audience Award Applauding GLOBAL BOUNDARIES – The Jigsaw, Portugal

Audience Award Fear No Film KIDS! (3 and up) – Eideann, Spain

Audience Award Fear No Film KIDS! (8 and up) – Black Rock Creek, California

Director’s Statement: “I’m thrilled that Fear No Film has grown to receive so many outstanding submissions from around the globe, and also from the bold, diverse filmmaking community right here in Utah. This was a great festival showing a wide range of artistry, and Utah Arts Festival audiences were ready to appreciate the boundaries we explored through these filmmakers’ works. 2014 was a banner year for Fear No Film, and I’m excited about the mark that the Utah Arts Festival film program is making in one of the most film-savvy states in the country.” – Topher Horman