FirstGlance Film Review: Lost on Purpose

Posted April 30, 2013 in ,

Lost on Purpose
FirstGlance Film Festival
Director: Ian Nelms

If you think that working on a dairy farm in California sounds like a laid-back gig with no drama to deal with, this film turns that idea completely upside down. The story takes place in the San Joaquin Valley of central California, where a group of three 20-something guys and a 34-year-old buddy work on a dairy farm run by a chain-smoking woman named Elizabeth James, who is played wonderfully by Jane Kaczmarek. Despite the small-town atmosphere where they live, the personalities of each man stir up an insane amount of chaos wherever they go. Although the film focuses mainly on the group of guys and what their everyday life is like, the big picture of the film centers on James’ struggles to keep the farm in business, which ultimately falls into the hands of the guys. Director Ian Nelms does a great job telling this story in a captivating way, with lots of surprises and twists, which make you wonder what is going to happen next. And just when you think everything will work itself out in the end, Nelms pulls the trigger once again. Along with a clever script and Kaczmarek’s great performance, this film boasts a solid cast of actors from start to finish, which truly makes this film damn good and sure to leave an impact.