FirstGlance Film Review: The Derby Girls

Posted April 30, 2013 in ,

The Derby Girls
FirstGlance Film Festival
Director: Jennifer M Crandell

“Some girls were meant to be princesses, and some girls were meant to knock princesses on their ass, and skate away laughing.” That quote, from one of the derby girls in this documentary, pretty much sums up what this 9-minute film is about. Although the roller derby sport has an underground following in cities all across the nation, most people tend to stereotype the female participants as a bunch of crazy, tattooed women who just want to hit someone. That may be partly true, but what this film uncovers is the wide range of personalities and backgrounds of women in this sport. Some of the women interviewed are recovering from drug addictions or getting away from a difficult family life, while others are college graduates who simply want to have some fun. This film doesn’t really explain how the game is played, but instead, Crandell interviews several women and their reasons for playing this violent sport. It’s short and sweet, but this short doc brings some great, new depth to this underground sport.