FirstGlance Film Review: Unlaced

Posted April 30, 2013 in ,

FirstGlance Film Festival
Director: Patrick Ortman

It’s not too often that a film deals with the subject of domestic violence with the male being the victim, but Unlaced does a nice job showing how destructive it can be, no matter which partner is being abused. This film has minimal dialogue, but Ortman does a great job capturing visual cues, such as facial expressions and scenery to tell a larger story. The way the film is shot gives it a dark tone throughout, which sets the stage for the overall theme. The main character, played by Barnaby Carpenter, gives a great performance in the film, even despite the fact that his character’s name is never even mentioned. Carpenter’s blue eyes and pale face manage to capture the emotion of the struggles he is going through with his wife, who is physically abusive toward him, and how he copes with the pain. Overall, this short film is well done and covers the difficult subject matter in an honest way, which includes an optimistic outlook.