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Still of Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley in Grabbers

Sundance Film Festival
Director: Jon Wright

Erin Island, a quaint little fishing village off the coast of Ireland, is a quiet place where everyone knows everyone and the cops have so little to do, they can get away with drinking on the job. So, when the alcoholic Garda Ciaran O'Shea (Richard Coyle) is put in charge of the village's law enforcement while the boss goes on vacation with the help of a very sober and overzealous Garda Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley), things get a little tense and uncomfortable. Fortunately, strange things start to happen in the village when blood-sucking aliens land on its coast, and the two officers are forced to work together to save the villagers with the help of the local marine biologist, a drunk fisherman and the owners of the only pub in town. Why this strange assortment of characters? Well, it turns out that if you have enough alcohol in your blood, it gives the aliens alcohol poisoning and they spit you back out, so they brought on the experts in getting wasted! I know, this film sounds fucking awesome, right? A bunch of drunk Irishmen trying to fight blood-sucking aliens … you're expecting Shaun of the Dead type hilarity. Unfortunately, Director Jon Wright was "…more concerned about maintaining a plausible world and having a realistic romance." I'm sorry, but when the premise of your film is about aliens and drunk Irish people, you have a responsibility to fill your audience with enough cheap jokes to cause them a hangover for days! Grabbers completely missed its chance to become a cult classic by focusing on the drama behind the two officer's budding romance, with sweeping orchestral ballads more appropriate for the celtic landscape backing the alien action, to boot. Someone should steal this idea and put it to good use, and hire Lalor Roddy as the drunk fisherman again, 'cause he was the only worthwhile character in this failure of a film.

 Still of Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley in Grabbers Still of Richard Coyle, Russell Tovey and Ruth Bradley in Grabbers