Hulk Alter You! @ Salt Lake City Main Library 07.26

Posted August 2, 2012 in
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The Incredible Hulk in the film mash-up, Hulk Alter You!

This experimental film mash-up combines mixed and matched scenes from The Incredible Hulk, Altered States, and Youth Without Youth to demonstrate recurring themes in science fiction and horror films.  Kurt Forman and Edgar Aceneaux focus on elements that they have found to be consistent in several different films, such as personal relationships and fear, societal conflict, transformation, and, lastly, reconciliation and absorption.  They focused on these particular films because they were not only similar thematically, but they had a similar story and structure; a white, male scientist is looking to achieve a goal for the betterment of mankind and, somehow, something goes wrong, leaving them to deal with accidental transformation and how the repercussions affect those around them.  Youth Without Youth deviates from this as the main character isn't transformed as a result of his own experimentation.  The message was well relayed in the mixing of shots and sound bites from each film.  Not only did Forman and Arceneaux demonstrate the common themes in the films, but they also challenged and empowered viewers by manipulating the sound and leaving several undefined moments open to the interpretation of the viewer.  There were a few parallels that were unclear during the screening, but during a Q&A after the film, the directors were able to clear a few things up.  They invited honest feedback and suggestions from the audience so they can continue to shape the film to better reflect their vision.  Hulk Alter You!  is also part of the SuperHUMAN exhibit taking place at the Central Utah Art Center through the 3rd of August.

The Incredible Hulk in the film mash-up, Hulk Alter You!