TGR: The Dream Factory 11.02

Posted November 8, 2012 in ,

Alaska. The name of this fabled state conjures up imagery that delights the senses of any core skier. Endless swaths of mountains stretch out for ages above a sea of hope and potential. From the top of any peak, one can look west and not cross another human’s gaze until Russia. For the 2012 movie season, TGR releases a throwback film to the glory days of exploring AK as a ski/snowboard venue.

An incredibly amped-up crowd of shredders gathers at the University of Utah’s Fine Arts Auditorium for what is essentially the last premiere before the snow really starts falling. Pros grace the scene and chat up the moviegoers as the stoke levels rise. The iconic TGR opening scene of a lone rider standing atop a huge peak flashes across the screen and the whole place erupts in shouts and hollers.

Rolling right into the action, the viewer is treated to a glacial jib session complete with snowmobile tow-ins and skiers boosting across the frozen landscape. Creativity reigns as the riders use the natural terrain to paint a beautiful picture across gleaming white faces of untouched powder. The film then leaps back several decades and overlays the national history of Alaska with the skier history. Dreams become reality with a culmination of events that opens up this Last Frontier to the masses, and its potential as a skier’s haven is revealed.

Early visitors from the snow world discover new ways to access the soaring peaks of the Chugach. Valdez is highlighted as the air-powered Mecca of big mountain riding as small crafts begin taking snowboarders and skiers into the high country. Sage Cattibriga-Alosa, Seth Morrison, Jeremy Jones and Doug Coombs represent the avant-garde of Alaskan ski pioneers, and they have spent countless hours finding out just how expansive the place really is. Lines upon lines are put up for grabs for those willing to put in the work to get there. Sage’s super spine surfing on the Dr. Seuss Wall in Haines is mind blowing, and it seems like he is going to fall of the edge of the world.

Further on through the film, hometown honey Angel Collinson makes her rookie TGR appearance. Her flawless style and courage are undeniable as she pulls up her cowboy pants and decimates a multitude of impressive lines. Other strong showings from Forrest Shearer and Tim Durtschi round out the local population and show that SLC is a pro community capable of producing epic talent.

The intertwining stories of skiers and snowboarders as they have made their way to AK have produced an intricate web of experience. It expands the ability of the next generation of athletes to push deeper into the unexplored. Who knows where they will go next, but you can rest assured Teton Gravity Research will be there to capture it. For more info on The Dream Factoy or to order the DVD go to their website