The Days God Slept: Short Film Review

Posted May 31, 2013 in

The Days God Slept
Director: Jeremiah Kipp

What secrets do we keep from those who love us? And how different is our perspective of our interactions with those around us compared to those whom we’re interacting with? The Days God Slept dives into these questions and more with some beautiful visual metaphors and poignant music. The short film follows Kristy (Lauren Fox) and John (Malcolm Madera) in the apparent blossoming of a romantic relationship—though Lukas Hassel steals every scene he’s in. Scene locations change between a strip club and a park—seeming to represent the shift from the sexual to possibly casual nature of the relationship. Religious references abound, which adds to the mystery around the characters. The visual symbolism leaves viewers unsure of what is real and what is non-literal expression, which creates a stunning representation of how our past can haunt us, and how the secrets we keep can affect our relationships.