The Last Elvis

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Still of John McInerny from The Last Elvis

The Last Elvis
Sundance Film Festival
Director: Armando Bo

Part of the World Dramatic Competition, this Argentinian film was beautiful and complex. Set in Buenos Aires, "Elvis" Gutierrez (John McInerny) is a spot-on Elvis impersonator. However, once off stage, "Elvis" maintains the legendary rock star's persona. From eating the same peanut butter and banana sandwiches, to naming his daughter Lisa Marie and refusing to be called by his "real" name, "Elvis" lives his life somewhere between delusion and reality. When tragedy strikes his family, he's forced to move into the grimy realness of being a father while maintaining his self-perceived identity. If you've seen Morgan Spurlock's Waiting for Superman, you know how sad and difficult the life of a career celebrity impersonator can be. Director Armando Bo takes this story to the next level by confusing his character's perceptions of reality. Casting real-life Elvis tribute artist John McInerny in this role was definitely what made this film. McInerny is the spitting image of middle-aged Elvis, with the same vocal chords to boot, which make the the many performances throughout the film truly imbued with the soul of Elvis. I hope this film sees a worldwide release, as I recommend it to film buffs and Elvis fans alike.

Still of John McInerny from The Last Elvis Still of Griselda Siciliani in The Last Elvis Still of John McInerny in The Last Elvis