Posted September 3, 2010 in

Being the TRON freak that I am (only 105 days remaining until the sequel, “TRON: Legacy”, is in theaters), I get as giddy as a school girl when anything is released regarding Steven Lisberger’s original creation. With Disney’s upcoming release, the amount of TRON merchandise gearing up to hit the streets is surging, and my anticipation is bursting through the seams of my plaid skirt. The latest item to make me kick and scream in sheer amazement is the announcement of the Special Collector’s Edition of TRON: Evolution, the video game based on the franchise set to be released on December 7th (10 days before the release of “TRON: Legacy” in theaters). Along with the game itself, this set comes with a model Light Cycle designed by Sideshow Collectibles, as well as a unique case to store both the game and model. Please to partake in the visual beauty of the image below!