Vamp U Movie Review

Posted April 26, 2013 in

Vamp U
Bullet Point Studios
Available on VOD

For a crudely-constructed independent vampire comedy, Vamp U is funnier and more entertaining than it has any right to be. Salt Lake local Adam Johnson stars as Wayne Gretzky, a centuries-old vampire whose teeth (and other extremities) have become “impotent” since he killed his girlfriend during a make-out session nearly 300 years ago, relegated to drinking lamb's blood and celibacy. That all changes when he meets new student Chris Keller (Julie Gonzalo of Dallas fame, who plays two roles in the film), who immediately rejuvenates his long-lost libido and vampire instincts. When he accidentally turns her into a vampire, however, he unwillingly creates a killing machine, who sets her sights on the fraternity her friend Fred (Maclain Nelson, who co-wrote and directed the film with Matt Jespersen, both SLC locals) is a member of as a nest of possible victims. Like many scripts that encourage improvisation (which is great throughout from the whole cast, particularly Gary Cole as Gretzky's curious therapist), Vamp U doesn't quite put a very coherent story together, especially when it's trying to define the rules of vampires in its world. But where it fails in script, it makes up for in comedic performance, led by Johnson, Cole and Matt Mattson, a relative newcomer who steals a number of scenes with hilarious off-the-cuff reactions to other character's dialogues. It might not be the most effective vampire film ever produced, but the low-budget tone and well-timed comedic deliveries make it worth a rental for those looking for some vampiric escapism. For more information on the film, visit their Facebook page