Pat Winslow is making his dream a reality — Ogden River Brewing will reside next to its namesake come the end of 2018. Photo: Sylvia Hollands
NaturePonics founder and creator Daniel Wagner aims for NaturePonics to help people become self-reliant by growing their own food sustainably. Photo courtesy of NaturePonics
(L–R) Jennifer Hines and Pete Schropp are the proud owners of Utah micro diary Rockhill Creamery. Photo: Andy Fitzgerrell
Pizza has long been a staple of Michael Richey’s impressive culinary career. Photo: Talyn Sherer
(L–R) Dave Swartz and Lauren Lockey discuss a plant-base lifestyle while showing their sheep pen. Sammie, right, is a newer resident at Sage Mountain. Photo:
Award-winning chef and Forage co-founder Viet Pham has set his sights on Nashville hot chicken with Pretty Bird. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Photo: (L–R) Executive Director Michele Corigliano and Chair Tamara Gibo lobby via the Salt Lake Area Restaurant Association (SLARA) to educate legislators and inspirit Utah-restaurant camaraderie.
Photo: Owner and head butcher Philip Grubisa proudly uses the whole animals they butcher, from nose to tail, at Beltex Meats.
Ana Valdemoros. Photo: John Barkiple
Photo courtesy of John Barkiple