Photo: Barrett Doran

To Jennifer Gilroy and Amy Britt, the couple responsible for the award-winning wine and small plate restaurant, Meditrina, it’s the personal touches that matter. After coming from backgrounds in nightclub management and the corporate sector, they started the foodie heaven in 2008 without investors, so little things are constantly improving.  Having followed their own passions for food and excellent wine, they say it’s the energy of the place that makes it unique. It’s easy to feel at home there, but I don’t know any people who enjoy Grilled Octopus with Blueberry Mostarda and Spiced Grilled Cabbage, or Braised Pork Cheeks with Housemade Coriander Pickles, Red-Eye Gravy and Quail Egg with an exquisite Cabernet or Tempranillo at home!  The two are eager for the future when they plan to expand their already popular wine socials into full wine-pairing dinners as well as add a private table in their restaurant’s own garden. Check out Meditrina for a formal evening or a casual night with friends. 

SLUG: Tell us about your first experience with SLUG Magazine.
Gilroy: We saw it at RedRock—we didn’t know there was a magazine like that in Salt Lake.
: How have you seen the magazine change since then?
Gilroy: To me, it’s evolved: a little more in depth, more detailed. As far as getting involved in the dining scene and stuff like that, it’s definitely improved.

SLUG: What is one of the most memorable SLUG articles that you have read?
Britt: Well, my favorite thing about SLUG is it’s full of unfiltered opinions, people can say what they want. It’s like watching the rated “R” HBO channel for the first time.

SLUG: What is your favorite SLUG cover?
Britt: A cover that looked like an old Rob Roskopp skateboard deck, I can’t remember which month.

SLUG: Tell us about a memorable SLUG event that you’ve attended.
Gilroy:  SLUG Pride parade. We’ve always found the SLUG folk, it’s just fun! [They’re] a good group to hang with.

SLUG: How has SLUG affected your life?
Gilroy:  The people at SLUG are just amazing. We’ve grown to love Angela—she’s involved in anything she can be.

SLUG: Why do you think SLUG has continued to be relevant in Utah for the last 22 years?
Britt: It offers people an alternative to everything else that you see here. It’s not competing with anyone else, just doing its own thing.

Photo: Barrett Doran