FanX 2014: Starcraft II Midwest Pro Am

Posted April 19, 2014 in ,

Geoff “InControL” Robinson (left) and Magnet preparing to cast the finals. Photo: Thomas Winkley

The game room was alive again today as the brackets were set for the Starcraft II Midwest Pro Am today. Eight players were slated to battle it out for the title in a best of five series. The finals had four Utah locals: HTO Mario, Spectre, Vita and ZergZingZing against four pros: Grubby, Revenge, Puck and Polt. Similar to the Smash Bros finals, the match was viewable on a giant T.V. behind the announcers. The matches were cast by Evil Genius team captain Geoff “InControL” Robinson, and Magnet, both incredibly talented players.

From top notch commentary to incredible play, the game room had a lot of entertainment to offer. As the matches wound down, it finally ended up with Polt vs. HTO Mario in the grand finals. While HTO Mario gave it his all, Polt seemed to be toying with him for a good portion of the battles. The beauty and disappointment of watching was that the pro players were actually joining via, since some were international players. While the game play was still absolutely incredible, it would have been amazing to see them battle it out live, across from our local heroes. After six hours of intense combat, Polt became the Midwest Pro Am champion, and the audience funneled out into the crowded convention hall. It is a rare occasion that Salt Lake is graced with gaming royalty, and an even better moment when our locals get to take a shot at beating them live.