Halo: Reach review

Posted September 15, 2010 in
Halo: Reach
Bungie Software/Microsoft
Reviewed On: Xbox 360 (Exclusive)
Street: 09.14
This latest and greatest installment of the Halo series takes gamers to the beginning of the franchise's dramatic saga and traces the battles and missions of six Spartan super soldiers known as the Noble Team. Players are first introduced to the war-torn planet of Reach as fire engulfs its rocky surface, but are then transported to a time before Covenant forces spread destruction and chaos across its skies. As Noble 6, players must endure alien encounters in both surface and aerial (a first for the title) warfare and recover an ancient artifact buried beneath the planet's surface before it's too late. Bungie has developed a storyline that will resonate well with loyal followers of the series, but newcomers will certainly become lost in the lengthy lingo. Does it matter? Not at all. Where the company slightly slips up in plot structure, they smash all other competitors in gameplay and environmental design. The breathtaking visuals incorporated within Reach's vast landscapes and deserted building structures envelope players in a mystical and foreign world that's as eerie as it is mesmerizing. As for multiplayer gaming, Bungie has been listening to the demands of their customers, as they have integrated a plethora of modifiable options and settings allowing gamers to customize their online experience with endless possibilities guaranteeing their return to the title well after the completion of the campaign.