Review: The Evil Within: The Consequence

The Evil Within: The Consequence

Tango Gameworks/Bethesda Softworks
Reviewed on: PS4
Also on: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Street: 04.21

While The Assignment set a dark tone for Juli and added some creep-enhancing backstory to The Evil Within, its final DLC pack, The Consequence, really drives home just how screwed up the world is. This final piece helps explain how she gets out of STEM (we think) and also hints at the whereabouts of Detective Castellanos’ wife as well. While many answers are provided, there are more pieces to the meta discussion left blank at the end of the story. There are so many things done right in this DLC pack, but the biggest is the overwhelming sense of relief and excitement when you finally receive a gun (I’m having trouble remembering the last time I was this excited for a weapon in a game). Start to finish, this two-hour finale is incredibly creepy, fun, action-packed and informative. Fans of the series should be required to play this. –Thomas Winkley