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Also new to inFAMOUS 2: This ugly fucker.

Sucker Punch
Reviewed on: Playstation 3 Exclusive
Street: 06.07
inFAMOUS 2 is basically the same game inFAMOUS was—if you loved that game you’ll love this one.  If you never cared for the first one, inFAMOUS 2 will not change your mind.  I, for one, adored the first game, and couldn’t be happier with its sequel.  Cole’s story is paramount in this game, and it’s treated with good writing, great voice work and some fun characters and plot twists.  The new Cole voice actor pissed me off for about five seconds, until it became obvious he’s even better than the first guy and I should stop whining.  Cole’s increase in abilities can be a bit overwhelming (with up to five attack-types mapped to the same button), but the end result is a superhero with power you can really feel.  Cole is very strong and capable, and it’s a joy controlling him both in combat and during your parkour city-running.  Since story missions and side missions are frequently tied to your karma rating,  finishing the game means you’ve only seen a little more than half its content! Starting over as the opposite karmic alignment means not only all-new missions to play, but new abilities and powers as well.  It’s a big game, and there’s lots to do.  Sure, it plays mostly the same as its predecessor, but when you got it so right the first time, sticking to what works is a good strategy. –Jesse Hawlish

Reviewed on: Xbox Live Indie Games Exclusive
Street: 05.14
You’ve probably noticed the giant Electronic Arts logo delivering its sinister gaze upon the streets of downtown Salt Lake like the eye of Sauron. Or perhaps you have heard the cries of despair emerging from the headquarters of Avalanche Software as they put the finishing touches on the latest Hannah Montana video game. Or, if you’ve been particularly observant of the video game development world in Salt Lake, you know that three games (The Last Podfighter, Mr. Gravity, and Minions!) developed as part of the U of U’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering senior capstone course recently became available via Xbox Live’s Indie Game store. Minions!, the best-selling of the trio at over 10,000 units, is a fun mission-based shooter. The player is tasked with fulfilling certain requirements in each level (blowing up an enemy base, destroying an enemy tank before it gets to your base, etc.) while collecting gold from defeated enemies to create minions with unique attributes. It’s pretty simple, but it’s also pretty addictive. The graphical style is also simple, but the characters become more and more endearing as they repeatedly shoot each other in their giant heads. The ability to switch from an overhead to an over-the-shoulder view seems novel at first, but ultimately doesn’t add to the experience, and the lack of an auto-save feature is a bit frustrating, but these are just minor problems. For $1 (which is going straight into the pockets of the developers) Minions! is definitely an enjoyable experience. –­Ricky Vigil

Also new to inFAMOUS 2: This ugly fucker.