Now Hiring: Brand Ambassador

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit and fill out the form on our website. 

SLUG Mag is looking for enthusiastic and authentic advocates for SLUG to join our marketing team as Brand Ambassadors!


SLUG’s event and Brand Ambassador team is an essential part of SLUG Magazine. Founded in 1989, an acronym for Salt Lake Under Ground, SLUG Magazine‘s mission is to amplify Salt Lake City’s thriving alternative and underrepresented music, arts, lifestyle and events subcultures with thoughtful media coverage and exclusive event curation. As a Brand Ambassador of the magazine, you are expected to represent the magazine in the best way possible. Among your responsibilities as a Brand Ambassador you are also held accountable for keeping merchandise sales records, sharing with the public what SLUG events are coming up, educating them about the latest issue of the mag, soliciting donations and obtaining emails for newsletter subscriptions and updates.

Can you support and act as the embodiment of the SLUG identity through words and actions, social posts and presence at events?

Our marketing team attends local events, such as the Downtown Farmers Market, to promote the magazine and they help run SLUG Magazine events. The ideal candidate would be outgoing, personable, responsible and knowledgeable about SLUG Magazine and local alternative culture.

Brand Ambassador Guidelines:

  1. Brand Ambassadors should be able to interact and converse with the community—informing people of what SLUG Magazine is, our mission and how we execute it. 
  2. Brand Ambassadors should hold themselves to a high standard during any SLUG event or any event that SLUG representing at. You will come to be recognized as being associated with SLUG and will therefore be seen as an extension thereof. Make sure you are professional at all times.
  3. Make sure you have social media accounts for the following; Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You will be required to promote content for upcoming events for SLUG and events sponsored by SLUG.
  4. Attending and representing SLUG at events is a crucial part of your job and to the success of the SLUG brand. During peak event seasons, we require you to sign up to represent SLUG at a minimum of one event per month.
  5. Brand Ambassadors promote SLUG events (and events where we have a booth presence) on their social media accounts. Please tag SLUG Magazine (@SLUGMag) on your post.
  6. SLUG Brand Ambassadors are required to wear a SLUG shirt while working the events. If you do not already have one, we offer an employee discount.

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