Chad Kirkland, a local commercial photographer with a knack for lifestyle photographic work.
Nancy Rivera's show featuring series After van Huysum goes up in UMOCA's A-I-R Space Aug. 3–Sept. 1. Photo: @clancycoop
USM member Lindsay Wood holds her daughter, Rory, during a field training exercise in rural Utah. "We’re normal. I do the same things as you. On my Facebook I still post pictures of my cats and dinner and everything else. It’s not like all I’m focused on is this crazy training. It’s a normal life; we just have another aspect to it," says Wood. Photo: Kim Raff
Martha Díaz Adam, Muslim Female Praying (2016).
Niki Chan Wylie, from "West High School Football."
Photo: Jake Vivori
Niels Jensen (R) on a skate photoshoot with Levi Faust (L). Photo: Samuel Milianta
Photo Courtesy of Katapult Films
Photo: Jo Savage
Photo Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox