12 Dirty Bullets @ Bar Deluxe 09.27

Posted October 3, 2011 in

12 Dirty Bullets. Photo: Davey Clarke

Tuesday night is hardly the ideal night to book a show in this town, but I’m abso-lutely sure that the small crowd that made the effort to get down to Bar Deluxe on Sept. 27 was stoked they came out for the show, school night or not. I know I was. I got there a little early because I wanted to chat up these boys who had come all the way from London to entertain little old me. Not only were they British cuties, but they had the old-world manners to match. They each gave me a kiss on the cheek as a greeting, and their Manchester accents had me smitten before they even headed onstage. I even got to hit the pool table with their tour manager, who was just as delightfully foreign as they were. How lovely it was, then, that once they did start the show, their charm translated right through into their deliciously poppy rock n’ roll tunes.

The songs were all fun to listen to, upbeat and danceable, and they spanned the topical spectrum, from “Dark Tales Of A Policeman” to “Champagne & Cocaine.” “Downsides To Making A Living,” the title track off their debut album that they had for sale that night, is super catchy and recognizable, and I was able to piece together the rest of the show from the album once I bought it afterwards, which I was stoked about since I dug the music they played at the show. Every lyric is even more delicious due to the Manchester-tint, and a brief shout-out between the songs reminded us who they were and where they were from, which was a welcome sprinkle of words considering the panty-moistening accent delivering them. With some definite homage to their historically punk-y musical ancestry, and even a tiny taste of the original Fab Four themselves, it's no surprise that they are filling up venues around the UK and Europe, and quickly scooping up new fans stateside. Instrumentally they were tight, with no one member falling behind the other's talent level, and lots of energy from all of them as they rocked their respective role like a fucking rock star. A long rectangular guitar case set on its side had the band name, 12 Dirty Bullets, scrawled across it, further communicating the casually disheveled ambience created by their appearance and style.

They’re not just fucking around, either, with a couple dozen shows booked in a pretty rigorous tour throughout the U.S. While I’m sure some spots, including perhaps ours on Tuesday night, didn’t boast the full audience they deserve, it didn’t stop these guys from delivering a super professional show. In fact, Bar Deluxe owner Kaci invited them back on Wednesday night for the chance to snag a couple more fans, and sure enough, rather than taking the night off, they did return and surely moistened a whole new room full of panties. I was bummed to miss the second night, but some of my buddies who did make it out confirmed that it was another great performance.

I totally grabbed their album, Downsides To Making A Living, from them at the show, as I mentioned, and they sweetly obliged myself and another new fan when we hunted them down to sign the CD. Sweet boys, sweet show, sweet tunes––I hope they swing back through so you can catch them, too. For now, you can check them out on Facebook and head to Itunes to purchase their debut album and/or their newest single, "Motown.”

12 Dirty Bullets. Photo: Davey Clarke