Add a Dash of Local Art – Whole Foods Trolley Square: Nic Annette Miller

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The 'SLUG Masterpiece' Nic created.

SLUG Magazine and Whole Foods Trolley Square have teamed up to feature a local artist's work in the café area at the Trolley Square Whole Foods each month. Our October 2012 artist is Nic Annette Miller. 

Nic came by the SLUG HQ to make a piece just for us, using some random supplies we have laying around the office (old paints, modgepodge, yarn, glitter, etc.).

She picked a few questions from a list put together by the office staff to help inspire her piece. The questions she picked were: What is your spirit animal? (a deer) What are 3 things that inspire you? (Utah, a bee's life, extinction) Please draw an alien (how about a green deer). 

Who are you? 
A girl who loves animals so much, I can't eat them. 

When did you decide to become an artist? 
I was given my first sketchbook when I was 7 and was obsessed at trying to draw things correctly. I learned to draw or carve things my own way and would love to live the rest of my life doing so. 

How would you classify your work? 
A mixture of 2D and 3D wildlife. The carved imagery with the sculpture cut out is what I think makes the pieces stand out. 

What do you think of the art scene here in SLC?
I am very happy with the local art scene and all the people involved. It's great that we have so many driven people to be inspired by. 

Any words of wisdom? 
You really can do what you want if you are honest with yourself. 

Be sure to check out her work, hanging on the west wall of the café at the Whole Foods Trolley Square location. It will be up through October 31. 
Visit to see and purchase Nic's work. 

For more info on being featured as an Add a Dash of Local Art artist, email

The 'SLUG Masterpiece' Nic created. Nic's 'SLUG Masterpiece' Nic Annette's work, hanging at Whole Foods Trolley Square [photo by Nic Annette Miller]