An October Evening

Posted October 25, 2010 in
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What would you name an event that’s equal parts fashion show, mini-film-fest, live music, dance performance, magic act and photography slideshow (and takes place inside the Masonic Temple)?  I’d call it something splendiferous – something that’d infuse people with the excitement of getting six shows for the price of one.  I’d call it the “All Hallows Art Orgy” or maybe “It came from inside the Masonic Temple!!!”   Sorry, those are both terrible.  My point is, “An October Evening” (as the event was called) is just an insufficient title for the fun smorgasbord of an show I attended over the weekend.  I only mention this because it’s all I can think to complain about:  the event itself was a great success and a very fun date night idea to keep in mind for next year. 


This was An October Evening’s fifth annual show and a good portion of the audience were repeat guests.  I’d never been before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  Shuffling into the Masonic Temple was cool, I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like in there.  The auditorium is ornate and splashed in gaudy gold with little lights mimicking stars across the ceiling.  The majority of the show consists of short films, punctuated by a macabre fashion show, a dance performance, et cetera.  The films were mostly good, with two of the seven being downright scary, one that was nonsensical artsy-fartsy drama and two others that were legitimately funny. 


The fashion show and the dance performance were big crowd pleasers, and both continued the evening’s Halloween theme.   Maybe I’m giving myself away here, but the part where the beautiful women paraded in, wearing glamed-out versions of Halloween icons, was probably my favorite.  The coordinated skeletons dancing to a Silly Symphony cartoon is also something I’m very glad I’ve had the chance to see.  The music, however, was kinda painful.  Filthy McWhisky sure has the rockstar act down, but I couldn’t make out a word he said and the music drowned him out completely for most of each song.  His lady band mate was smokin’ hot though, and I think I speak for most of the fellas when I say we sure do appreciate her making up for his crappy singing by taking her clothes off in the middle of a song for no apparent reason. 


An October Evening was a very unique way to spend . . . er, an October evening.  Bring a date: the films and atmosphere are scary enough to warrant some cuddling-up, while not being so convincing as to give you nightmares.  Save the date next year and get your tickets early: the Temple was almost at capacity and I bet next year’s show will sell out.