Anti-Bush Rally

Posted June 10, 2008 in
I Ain't No Senator's Grandson

My grandmother told me that if I happened to see Bush I should spit in his face for her. Of course George W. Bush is too much of a coward to show up to an anti-him protest. What I liked about the protest I went to on May 28th wasn't that I felt like I was part of a movement. It was that all types of people were united against one asshole. I saw an old friend there and asked him who he was going to vote for, not that it matters. He laughed and told me he might vote for Nader. I saw someone I went to high school with, he gave me a flyer that said "End the Blockade of Cuba" on it. I gave him a copy of my zine. I saw a kid that I've got a problem with, he fucked with one of my friends, but it wasn't the time or the place. There are assholes and then there are assholes. There are jerks and then there are jerks who think they run the world. Why shouldn't fucks like Bush Jr. think that they run the world? They do. You let them. Utah is going to go McCain. The lesser of two evils eight fucking years ago. But, he lost then. He will lose again. Eight years ago he lost to Bush. We all did. History lesson: George W. Bush's dad was George H.W. Bush. His dad was Senator Prescott S. Bush. His dad, Samuel P. Bush, was a well-connected prick as well. There's things I could say about these people siding with the nazis until it was no longer politically convenient for them, but that's unsubstantiated gossip. Some people will do anything for power. My favorite protester with a costume was dressed as an American revolutionary and held a sign that said "Terrorist circa 1776." They say that those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it. History lesson: Dick Cheney worked for Nixon. George H.W. Bush took orders from Nixon as well. The missing link? Donald Rumsfeld. There were Obama boosters at the protest, I'm not one of them. It's not because he's black. I love black people, sometimes sexually! There were Ron Paul fans as well, he seems alright I guess. He isn't going to win, so I suppose I might throw my vote away on him. I think I saw some Hilary people there too.... uh, yeah. My distrust of that bitch has nothing to do with her gender. Anybody who wants the job shouldn't have it. I know I shouldn't be trusted with that much power. I don't know what's best for other people. I know that Junior is still alive and I'm not in a secret torture prison. I know that we still have the right to peaceably assemble (sortof) and I know that... see title of piece. Prove me wrong Utah, vote for anybody except McCain.