Ask a Cop


Dear Cop,
There was recently an incident that made headlines of a transsexual at the DMV who was literally put on display, humiliated in front of the other DMV patrons and told to wash her face and pull her hair back or face not getting a license/ID. As a cop, how are you trained to deal with trans people? There was an old law stating it was illegal to dress as a woman unless you were wearing three articles of men’s clothing. Is it still in place, and if so, with the lack of sensitivity at the DMV and no proof of sexual identification, how can one expect to be treated fairly if faced with a situation? –Princess Kennedy

Your Highness:
Cops aren’t trained to interact with people based on “persuasions.” We are trained to treat everyone the same, regardless of rank. Man, woman, Mormon, Catholic, gay, rich, poor, whatever, laws apply to everyone equally across the board, regardless of your inclinations. When cops show preference, that’s when they get fired.

There are people who ask cops, “Do you know who I am?” Or, they hold their temple recommend out the window instead of their license when stopped. They seriously expect special treatment from the cops due to their class. Please tell me that you don’t expect me to get special training to deal with them, or special training to deal with each and every ideology in this country.

To think that a cop should have special training to deal with transgender people would be like having transgender cops (yep, they exist) get special training to deal with “normal” gender folks. That’s ridiculous.

Or, maybe you do believe that a certain “class” should receive preferential treatment? If you’re being honest, then that means that certain “classes” would also receive deferential treatment, correct? And, who decides those who are preferred and those who are deferred? Me? You? Mao? Stalin? Personally, I’d rather cops just deal with people based on the law.

The DMV incident is just some idiot government worker displaying bias instead of just dealing with people. There might not be criminal laws against that, but I’m sure there is civil recourse. I know lawyers who get off on suing the government when they act retarded. They’d probably take that case for free.

I’ve never heard of the clothing law, but I did hear of an organization that bought a public street and then forced everyone to act by their “standards” when on that street. So, I could see a ridiculous clothing law like that existing, once upon a time, Princess.