Blue Boutique

Photo: Patiri Photography

After nearly a quarter of a century in business, Blue Boutique is one of the oldest and best lingerie/adult novelty shops in Utah. Walking into any of their four locations is like stepping into a casino in Vegas minus the drunk smokers, and with some extra sexy thrown in the mix. Longtime buyer Dionn Nielsen has been working with the shop since 1989, as long as SLUG has been around, and she still loves her job. In November 2007, a terrible debacle befell the boutique’s original location—and the whole vibrant block of 1300 E. and 2100 S.—as city planners saw dollar signs over the greater good and gave permission for a large sinkhole to replace a bunch of thriving local businesses and a growing retail district.  “It sucked for us to have to scramble to find a place to move, then the move almost killed us,” Nielsen says. Despite a move that hurt the business, and the initial protests over their new location on 1383 E.2100 S., Blue Boutique has continued to thrive in Utah.

SLUG: Tell us about your first experience with SLUG Magazine.
Nielsen: Putting ads together with Tony Martinez, the owner of Blue. My favorite one was one that read “We don’t want to change the world, we just want to change your underwear.”

SLUG: How have you seen the magazine change since then?
Nielsen: I’ve noticed a lot more stuff on skating and snowboarding, which is cool. Those kids are amazing. I’ve never heard of most of the bands in it anymore, but that’s my fault for getting old, ha!

SLUG: What have been some of your favorite columns? 
Nielsen: I loved Serial Killer of the Month, and I love reading anything Princess Kennedy writes. Genius!

SLUG: What is one of your favorite covers?
Nielsen: Oh man, so many. Probably the Slayer or Danzig ones. They are a couple of my favorite bands.

: Tell us about the most memorable SLUG event that you’ve attended.
Nielsen: It was a show that Kevin [Kirk] from The Heavy Metal Shop was in—a band called Maggotheads. They wore duct tape undies, ate dog food and threw it up all over themselves: epic! Also any show that the Red Bennies played. God, I loved that band!

SLUG: How has SLUG affected your life?
Nielsen: I have never missed an issue, cover to cover, in 22 years. It is a must-read to find out what is going on. I love to see all the creative advertising, and I love that we can have some fun with our ads. We don’t have to be as careful as we do in other, more conservative publications.

: Why do you think SLUG has continued to be relevant in Utah for the last 22 years?
Nielsen: Utah is such a conservative state that there is bound to be a huge counter culture. We need SLUG to tell us where to shop, what shows to see, what games to play, and to keep us laughing!

Photo: Patiri Photography