CLC Artist: Mia Hanson

Photo: Michelle Emerson

Pursuing a career as an artist is a significant and exciting decision. Sometimes the artist is unaware of the impact they have on the viewer(s) and the work comes out naturally and timely, rather than focused and forced. This is the case for local Salt Lake City artist Mia Hanson, whose handkerchiefs, earrings, koozies, wallets and dresses can be seen all over the city. “I started sewing in high school because I wanted to be a costume designer.” Hanson says, “Ever since my mother taught me the ins-and-outs, I have always had a love for embroidery work.”

Many SLUG staffers became familiar with Hanson in 2009 after she designed a few different embroidered beer koozies for SLUG’s  first annual Craft Lake City event.  Since then she has been very busy making dresses for friends and rummaging through all of the buckets of embroidery floss at fine SLC establishments such as Decades, Retro Rose and the Deseret Industries.  She also frequents estate sales where she finds “adorable little old lady things” and vintage fabric, which she uses to recycle into creations of her own, all by hand.

Hanson is quite savvy with her sewing machine. In fact, she designed a pedal steel case and tool wallet for Brent Dreiling (of Band of Annuals) and a kick bag for Jamie Timm (of Devil Whale) last year. Hanson’s creations are not exclusive to just friends, but you (yes, you) can get a piece of your own. Hanson will be selling handcrafted handkerchiefs with your initial(s) embroidered on them this year at Craft Lake City. She will have multiple types of lettering and a vast array of vintage fabrics to choose from. She will also be selling solid and noticeable dresses for the ladies and classy wallets for the fellas. Don’t forget to visit her table early due to a high demand for her functional and stylish assortment of koozies for your beverages.

So take a seat in the proverbial crochet circle and check out some contemporary treatments of embroidery this year with Mia Hanson at Craft Lake City.

Photo: Michelle Emerson