Comedy: Marc Maron @ Wiseguys 01.14

Posted January 17, 2012 in

Marc Maron and Space Jesus

Marc Maron Loves Me ... and Space Jesus

To say that I’ve been waiting to have comedian Marc Maron tell me he loves me for ten years would be an understatement. It’s closer to fifteen—ever since I first saw him on TV. He came to town this week to tell me that ...Well, he came to tell some jokes and happened to deliver the punchline: “I do love you baby,” in my general direction. It was dark, and the spotlight was in his eyes, so chances are he wasn’t telling me specifically. But, that’s the great thing about live comedy—the comedian is right there and able to accept a handshake after the show. I listen to standup and watched it on TV plenty, but getting to attend live shows is completely different, with the latter being the better option.

Maron might be best known as the host of his podcast WTF, and his built-in fan base knows it. They quizzed him about his show and its numerous guests before Maron got offstage. Non-podcast fans were enjoying the proceedings as well, but Maron’s strong personality could take some introduction. He’s been an Air America talk show host, a frequent guest of Conan O’Brien, and a former employee of Comedy Central, so chances are you might have seen him before. Though not directly responsible, he helped inspire and usher in the alt-comedy movement––and it shows.

Maron’s storytelling and rigorous honesty make for a really entertaining set. The particular line he delivered about love (alleged to be directed at me in whimsical retellings of the night) came after a four or five minute set-up involving an argument with his girlfriend and his somewhat unhealthy approach to relationships. Getting insight into the mind of Maron via other stories about his cats, civil rights and Jews, his visit to the Mormon tabernacle and Space Jesus, and arguments with atheist vegans, all culminated in a set that exceeded an hour and ended in a great Q&A-type riff.

If you haven’t heard Marc Maron but you think he sounds intriguing, or least palatable (your tastes will mature with him over time), visit his website for episodes and a touring schedule.


Marc Maron and Space Jesus