Cupcake Social Code with Frosty Darling

Frosty Darling owner Gentry Blackburn hosts her fifth annual Cupcake Social on July 29. Photo: Chad Kirkland. Makeup: Erin Foley.

Cupcakes, kids and cuteness—the holy trinity of a good time is happening once again at Frosty Darling on Friday, July 29, for their fifth annual Frosty Darling Cupcake Social (177 East Broadway).

This event will provide everything you’ve had in years past at the super-cute boutique, like the cupcake walk and cupcake decorating, but owner Gentry Blackburn is giving the format a shot in the arm with a new coloring book challenge and live music from Heber’s Holy Water Buffalo.

If you’re anything like me, you may be daunted by the word “social” and the fact that Blackburn wears a new, fancy, pink dress every year. It is a sophisticated event where people are expected to act with “decorum” as Blackburn says, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be a blast. Blackburn even encourages “stuffing your face.” That’s a “to do.” So is “having a super cute time.”

Blackburn was kind enough to provide additional etiquette tips via a handy checklist (which we’ve expanded upon) of socially acceptable behavior and activities at her social.

1. Do come dressed to the nines or scantily clad.
But keep it classy—there’ll be kids there for chrissake.

2. Do decorate a cupcake.
“All the cool kids are doing it and it makes you 20-percent sexier,” claims Blackburn.

3. Do bring your kids or a date—chicks love cupcakes.
Guys do, too.

4. Do bring cupcakes.
Of your own for people to try—the more the merrier. I’ll be bringing my infamous green tea variety.

5. Do let kids come first.
Blackburn would like to stress that pushing little kids out of the way at a cupcake decorating station is bad form and will be tsked tsked.

6. Do wear a bowtie.
“Bowties are cool,” says Blackburn.

7.  Do be on time.
Especially if you’re a vegan or gluten-free fan, since those varieties go first.

8. Do donate in the donation box.
Blackburn spends more than she receives on this day, so help her offset her costs a bit.


1. Don’t stay home.
Cupcakes are fun. Abstainers are not.

2. Don’t diss the cupcake.
Cupcakes are the oldest known dessert in the world. Respect them.

3. Don’t swear in front of children.
It’s fucking rude.

4. Don’t talk of calories or fat.
Pretend you’re my sister-in-law and let yourself go.

5. Don’t take one bite of a cupcake and put it back on the plate.
That’s just gross.

6. Don’t lick a cupcake to claim it as your own for later.
Double gross, barf.

7. Don’t worry if you drop a cupcake—the 15-second rule applies.
I argued the 10 versus 15-second rule, but Blackburn insists it’s 15. Regular rules of engagement don’t apply on Cupcake Social Day.

8. Don’t miss Holy Water Buffalo.
They play at 6 p.m..

Further note about “Do” #7 “Be on time.” Though there will be several dozen cupcake varieties available from local shops, Blackburn’s and friends’ kitchens, non-vegans dig vegan varieties and tend to gobble them up quick. If everyone plays nice and keeps it “social,” we’ll all get more cupcakes in our bellies than any rational person should consume in one sitting. These aren’t mini cupcakes, people—they’re the real deal.

Local artists Meg Charlier, Trent Call and Sri Whipple are getting in on the fun this year designing coloring-book style pictures of cupcakes for you to color. Pick up a coloring form starting Friday, July 22, at the boutique. Work extra hard on it, and bring it to the event to get judged and rewarded with “a Frosty prize” for staying inside the lines. The coloring contest winner will be announced at 8:30 p.m. You don’t have to be present to win.

The day’s events will also include a satellite cupcake dispensary, Misc. Boutique (272 South 200 East). Go around the corner and peruse their wares as you grub on cupcakes not available at Blackburn’s shop. All the fun begins at 5 p.m. and lasts until the cupcakes are gone and Holy Water Buffalo hang up their guitars.
Lastly, Do attend and Don’t be an asshole.

Frosty Darling owner Gentry Blackburn hosts her fifth annual Cupcake Social on July 29. Photo: Chad Kirkland. Makeup: Erin Foley. Photo: Chad Kirkland. Makeup: Erin Foley.