Dear Dickheads

Dear friends at SLUG,
We just finished a wonderful tour around the Southwest.  We played at a handful of festivals, including Neon Reverb, IndieFest, and SXSW.  We were able to play five shows over three days in Austin, including a sold-out official SXSW showcase.  Here’s a clip:

We love the new issue of SLUG.  It sounds like Jeanette and JP had a great time in Austin.  And we love the cover!  The Black Angels recently invited us back to Austin at the end of the month to headline at Psych Fest with them.
We recorded a collaborative album with Austin-based My Education while they were in SLC last summer, and are calling it Sound Mass.  It’ll be released on vinyl this summer (another great feature of this month’s SLUG!).  We’ll send in a copy soon.Just wanted to say thanks for your support over the past, present, and future years.

Oh, and Dear Daily Calendar, I know the print has already been published for April, but if you could add us to the online edition we’d appreciate it.  Before hitting the road again, we’re playing with El Ten Eleven at Kilby on Thursday the 21st.

Theta Naught

Dear Theta Naught,
Hopefully your PR people realize that writing into Dickheads and sucking up to SLUG isn’t the most viable way to promote your band … Neverthless, we’re stoked to hear that a local band and Localized veterans are killing it like you guys!

Sounds like Austin is quite enamored with ya’ll, they best be treatin’ you right or we’ll have to send Jeanette and JP down there again to show them how Salt Lake City loves on their local talent. Can’t wait to get the new album, we’ll be sure to review the shit out of it.

Thanks for the shout out, and just for future reference and the benefit of all local bands out there, send in your dates to by the 25 of the month prior so you’re sure to get listed for free.

Love Always,  SLUG
Dear Dickheads,
I recently attended a friend’s party at their house and they had this shitty electronic dance music DJ playing in their living room.  I think they call it “dubstep” or “progressive house” or something.  It all sounds the same to me.  I consider myself to be pretty open minded when it comes to new music but a lot of these songs are just “DJs” remixing the remix of a remix that Daft Punk did in 2001. 
No one writes their own music anymore and everyone thinks they can DJ.  It’s so sad!!  They don’t even have any real DJ equipment like REAL turntables or REAL vinyl to spin, it’s all-digital and it’s all shit.  In fact, I’m going to download one of those free DJ app’s onto my iPhone, hook it up to an amp and charge some hipster club somewhere $300 to play a 45 minute set.  Hell, everyone else is doing it.  I might as well jump on the bandwagon! 

Disgruntled DJing Purist

Dear DJing Purist,

So let me get this straight: You’re griping about shitty electronic dance music and DJs who don’t have “real” equipment, and your solution is to become one of those DJs? This is why our country is doomed, all you fucking hipsters do is complain about each other and then exacerbate the problem by doing the same thing in the name of irony.

How about instead of whining, you go support the DJs you deem “pure” in a real way—actually buy their albums, go to their shows, hype up their remixes—because let’s face it, you’ll never be as good as those DJs you idolize. If you think you can do it better than those posers with oversized headphones and a Macbook, then DO IT BETTER. Otherwise shut up, pound some PBRs and get your dance on with that hipster bitch in the oversized granny glasses and lace American Apparel bodysuit.