Dear Dickheads – February 2009

Dear Dickheads

I’m with you, Mike! Reggae is loathsome, mostly due to its hippie cult following ( I'm sure it's enjoyable on a different continent.)

Oh and FYI–techno, 3rd Wave Ska and Christian Rock only account for one genre of music –what we like to call “Techave? Christ No! its SKA to go!”

I am troubled though, by anyone who is of sound mind and moral maturity who can’t find pleaser in a good old fashioned Hoedown! I only say this sine I’m assuming you are including “Ol’ timey” music in your “BlueGrass” hating surmise of all things banjoesque. If this is true, please go to hell and know that Kurt Kobaine saw the beauty of its repetitive notes –and not in the same sense as “suipsycho mother Fxxxxx,” but on a getting the point across, feel of the song and sound level. I use Suicidal Tendencies song as an example of repetitiveness since you expressed your current infatuation with death metal. Finally, the Ramones is not a phase, you just need to buy a warmer coat.

In conclusion, since Ive always respected your writings, Id like to know the other 2 genres of music you hate, (am I wrong to assume that one of them is formerly known as a hierarchy?)

Respectfully reading, Sarra Chuba

P.S. I love the disclaimer- how did you know I hate people? They are, infact- caviar to the geniral.

Dear Sarra-

Mike Brown has reformed his punk band (The Fucktards) and they are playing SLUG’s 20th Anniversary Party. Come down to the Trapp Door February 27 and heckle Mr. Brown as he and his mates attempt to relive their youthful, glory days.