Dear Dickheads – October 2010

Dear Dickfaces,
So, I have a request, and I dont think it too unreasonable, though maybe it is. Heres why I write; first, some disclaimer: I was not raised in this wonderful little valley so you may find my opinions to be irrelevant. This would not surprise me, given what I am about to complain about. Though I have some hope a few other adjectives may come to mind, such as ‘objective’ or ‘insightful’… maybe not. Anyways......

Salt lake.. Not a whole lot of alternative publications going on. Regarding that, I really enjoy and appreciate slug. I like it when I’m not forcefed the same shit everyone else is eating [cityweekly]. But wait.. there exists here a paradox.. Slug, however awesome, caters almost specifically to the metal/hc/punk/indie/diy/hipster crowd.. I aint hatin.. I just choose not to confine myself to any one form of existence or expression. Hopefully my concerns are becoming a little more clear here. Let me just come out and say it: Please stop being biased on -at least- your event listings. Slug is totally awesome and has the largest potential reach for the ‘alternative’ communities in Salt lake. It would be really great if you guys could stand up and truly embrace the ‘underground’, in all its events, shows, gatherings, etc. I don’t expect the writing/interviews etc. to suddenly include some local artists not in a traditional band, but please throw the valley a bone with the event listings. Of course there is the possibility that ya’ll are truly missing more than half of what goes on in this city.. as a transplant I suppose I try to pretend that’s less of a possibility.

Tired of reading 4 publications only to still miss awesome, poorly promoted events..
A.K.A. Step up your metro game, Please,


P.S. I tried my hardest to be succinct, diplomatic, and still maintain my effective point. I’m sure someone over there is still itching to shit all over this, anyways. At least I know I’ve tried.

Dear Adam,
I’m glad you enjoy reading SLUG, but I must confess that I really have no fucking idea what you’re talking about here. I’m not saying that we’re always on top of our shit when it comes to our daily calendar listings or that we know about all of the cool stuff happening in Salt Lake and beyond, but we try to be as far-reaching as possible while covering unique territory. I mean, this issue alone features interviews with groups spanning metal, hardcore, hiphop, indie, punk and electronic music, so what genres/scenes/aspects of the “underground” do you want us to cover? Are you one of those weird people who think Royal Bliss and DDJ are “underground” bands just because they play at a shitty bar that intelligent, well-adjusted people don’t frequent? Are you another semi-cognizant Juggalo troll? Are you in a shitty band that can’t get shows outside of your parents’ garage? Seriously, tell us what we’re missing here. We can’t be everywhere all the time, so there’s always gonna be some awesome stuff (along with a whole bunch of horrible crap) that we’re gonna miss, and the only way we’ll know about it is if you tell us. Feel free to email before the twenty-fifth of every month to get whatever the fuck you’re trying to promote listed in our Daily Calendar section of the mag. This is a FREE listing. If you don’t send in the info, we can’t print it. Thanks for the support … I guess.