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 "It's like a bunch of nerds grew up and followed their dreams" Amanda said after this show of the Norwegian band DATAROCK last night. Which is appropriate considering their name is derived from the Norwegian word for computer, datamaski and the English word for rock--rock. And to Rock they did.

I've been a fan for a while since I heard their first big single from their debut Datarock Datarock, "Computer Camp Love", back in 2005. I quickly fell hard for these strange men from a far away land that pumped out a unique funk electro. They swept me up in their red-jumpsuit-clad arms and swooned me, soo swooned. I've dug the rest of their releases and have caught them before at The Saltair. Their sets are notorious energy producers, with the guys encouraging pogo-ing and dance moves from even the honkiest of honkies (like me).

While it's embarrassing to watch the crowd, the band has no inhibitions--taking their shirts off and jumping into the crowd with abandon--the wild kind, the kind they write romance novels about. Saxophones, tambourines, headless guitars, the maelstrom of magnificence is hard to define. DATAROCK has tried to put it into words with their latest release, and I believe they finally have: "Catcher in the Rye" is self-billed as "The Most Extravagant Single in History". It comes embedded inside a limited edition vinyl toy, has 105 bonus tracks, 1500 photos, 20 music videos, and a 60 minute concert film. WTF? Exactly.

They played that track their 2011 SXSW show at The Parish and they got me stoked enough to buy it. I would have anyway, the extra features are just icing on the cake of rock that Data has made. The rest of the set list consisted of songs from their debut and Red, another gem and their latest release. 

Long live DATAROCK.